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The Waterfront District Unwraps New Campaign to Showcase the Unique Experiences of Thunder Bay’s downtown.

Thunder Bay, ON, December 1, 2017 – A new marketing campaign launched today by the Waterfront District shows how life is different in Thunder Bay’s Downtown. “Live Outside the Box” is an experiential campaign designed to show local residents and visitors both the diversity and vibrancy that make the Waterfront District one-of-a-kind for shopping, eating and entertainment experiences in Thunder Bay.


“The Waterfront District is truly a unique area – a place to step into, smell, taste and experience real life,” says Jim Comuzzi, Chairman of the Waterfront District BIA. “Our marketing campaign Live Outside the Box encourages people to stop looking at life from inside the sterile walls of big box stores and chain franchises. Come to a downtown hub where you’ll find unique and different places to shop, eat and play.”


Leading with a new look and locally shot photography developed with agency, Firedog Communications and Waterfront District BIA members, the campaign will be the foundation of the Waterfront District’s marketing programs in key markets for 2018.


“Marketing a destination has to be more than just a list of businesses. This campaign creates excitement and highlights the unique vibrancy, culture and qualities that only the Waterfront District can offer in Thunder Bay. We are truly Thunder Bay’s downtown and this campaign is our stake in the ground about who we are and what makes our area a one-of-a-kind place to explore again and again,” says Comuzzi.


As a part of the campaign, the Waterfront District helped unveil a new initiative in partnership with Sleeping Giant Brewing Company. Today the organization alongside the brewery revealed a beautification project that features decorated window displays at the former Eaton’s building. The first series of the window displays can now be viewed from Court Street and Red River Road, and highlights imagery of the Sleeping Giant by local photographer and BIA Member, Damien Gilbert of Epica Pictures.


“This display is like an outdoor art gallery that we encourage the community to come and view. Take a stroll alongside the window displays and then walk around the neighbourhood and visit stores and restaurants this holiday season. This was an innovative solution to empty windows and is a way to beautify the area and make it more attractive; it’s thinking outside the box,” says Comuzzi.


The 10 window displays are expected to change seasonally and will maintain a focus on community pride and Thunder Bay.


“Our team saw an opportunity to support the Waterfront District and really enhance the area. The window displays give shoppers, visitors and the community something positive to look at and take pride in. As community members we all have a role to play when it comes to maintaining our neighbourhoods. Businesses in the Waterfront District support Sleeping Giant Brewing Company, so it is our pleasure to give back and support the neighbourhood,” says Andrea Mulligan, Co-owner of Sleeping Giant Brewing Company.